Gisborne Fisheries

What makes East Coast kai moana so special?

The Hikurangi Trench plunges to depths of 10,000m as close as 80 kilometres from shore, creating cold, nutrient-rich waters that attract the fish we catch in huge numbers. 

Kaitiaki (Care for people & place)

New Zealand is world renowned for its plentiful and responsibly managed fisheries, and our approach is very much being a steward of the sea. We look after the ocean as carefully as we can because the ocean looks after us.

But more than just being careful about working sustainably, we’re careful in everything we do: how we catch the fish, how we process and deliver it to you. We take great care – and pride – in the way we look after the people who work with us and the people who buy our products.

Carefully is the way we work.

The extremely deep waters just off the East Coast make the area from East Cape to Mahia one of New Zealand’s best and most accessible fishing grounds.

hiku trench