Gisborne Fisheries

Fresh from our boats to you, Daily

Our processing plant is just minutes away from where our boats dock, meaning your order is expertly prepared and chilled in optimum time, then on its way to you overnight.

Just as importantly, all our fish is packed for maximum shelf-life, which gives you the luxury of more options.
We deliver to fishmongers and eateries throughout New Zealand and internationally.

Our Processing Team

Our processing team

Our factory team is skilled and experienced, and some are third generation employees. Their expertise ensures fish is prepared and packed to the highest standard quickly and cleanly, with minimal waste, making sure you get fish that’s wharfside fresh every time.

Fish Species


[ Avg size: 300-400mm 500g -1.5Kg ]

Tarakihi makes up about 50% of our annual catch and it’s just as well, because Kiwis can’t get enough of it! With medium-firm white flesh and low oil content, Tarakihi is a really versatile fish.


Kei te taka riri nga tuakana ki a Maui, heoi ano ka karanga atu a Maui, “konei ahau i runga ano i te karanga o Murirangawhenua, nana i kii mai, he toa mo te hii-ika e hika, na reira, i ahau e karakia ano, whakararo ou rakau hii-ika, kaore e kore ka rapuhia e koe te tini, te mano o nga ika.”


[ Avg size: 300-500mm 500g-2.5Kg ]

Some say this is the fish that made New Zealand fish famous. Always in demand, Snapper has a low oil content and coarse flakes, and is delicious cooked or smoked.


In an age when nature and magic rule the world, there is an extraordinary legend: the story of a warrior who communicates with animals, who fights sorcery and the unnatural. His name is Dar, last of his tribe. He is also called Beastmaster.


[ Avg size: 650-850mm 3kg-5Kg ]

The East Coast is known for superb Kingfish, also known as Yellowtail. Kingfish has firm, succulent dark flesh that lightens when cooked, and is low in oil. Beautiful raw & sensational served rare.

John Dory

[ Avg size: 300-400mm 1 - 2.5Kg ]

Legend has it that John Dory (Kuparu in Maori) was given by East Coast Maori to Captain Cook. It’s a legendary fish either way; easily boned, with a medium to firm texture, and always popular with fish lovers.

Red Gurnard

[ Avg size: 300-500mm 500g-1.5kg ]

Red Gurnard bottom feed on crab and shrimp, giving it a sweet succulence and reddish-pink colour. It’s medium-textured with low oil content, and flakes beautifully.


[ Avg size: 800 - 1200mm 3-20kg ]

Hapuka - or Groper - is a large, deep-sea fish closely related to the bass. With thick white juicy flesh, Hapuku steaks and fillets are a Kiwi delicacy. Always in demand, a real stunner.


[ Avg size: 700-900mm 3-6kg ]

Blue Moki spawn off the East Coast around Mahia and Gisborne in early spring. Moki has firm and flaky white flesh, presents beautifully, and is suited to most cooking methods.


[ Avg size 400-500mm 1.5kg-2.5kg ]

Similar to the King Tarakihi however with more prominent shoulders and lips with a beautiful green sheen on its sides.
Found on reefs and sandy areas and are thought to maintain a home range.
Porae has a firm flakey texture with lovely white flesh suited to most cooking methods.


[ Avg size: 300-600mm 500g - 1.5kg ]

Particularly abundant on the East Coast, Trevally is fantastic smoked and the low-oil fillets’ soft to medium texture means it makes sensational sashimi too.


Four critical factors are needed to ensure the best quality crayfish; an optimum natural environment; sustainable management plans; live crayfish tanks and; meticulous processing and packaging. We meticulously plan each stage of the process, which means we supply crayfish that taste as good as the day they came out the water.

Our crayfish is exported by Lee Lobster.